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HOME...your vision realized.

Ambiance Homes Inc combines decades of experience in construction, design, and customer care to give you a simple, transparent system for building your new home. Whether you're keeping it simple with your first starter home or building into luxury with all the modern amenities, we are committed to giving you and your family all of our focus to ensure that your vision is realized. Ambiance Homes' experience and honesty guarantee that there will be no unexpected overages at closing or promises that cannot be met. You receive a quality home that meets your dreams on time and on budget.

The build process


If you are new to home building or would just like to know more about how our process works, explore our process guide and find out!

Base Plans


We offer plans that are ready to go, as-is, but customizing it is what makes your new home yours!  Our in-house design puts you in control, so your personality comes through in the finished product. Whether we start with our plan or an idea scribbled on a bar napkin, we will design for you the home you've always wanted.

What we can do for you



Ambiance Homes has over 20 years of experience designing unique homes perfect for your family.


As you grow in your home, your ideas and needs may change. We can add much-nedded space by finishing a basement, adding a room, or expanding your garage. Send us your ideas and let us help.


Have an inquiry about a new home or project? 
Send a message to us, and we will get back to you!

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