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Ambiance Homes is a customer-first custom home builder. It’s that simple.

We have plans that we will build without you having to go through the design process, but there is something very rewarding about moving into a home that started as a casual conversation over coffee and turned into a luxurious getaway that is yours to enjoy every day.  Imagine the discussions that will be had about the smallest detail, your detail, which sets it apart from the homes of your friends and family.


You will have the opportunity to select everything from the siding, cabinet and flooring colors to the door and window styles and yes, even the kitchen sink. These choices are what make this home one of a kind, an extension of your personality that you can enjoy for many years.  Kevin and Stephanie Kleckner of Ambiance Homes will help you with your selections and carefully control the installation of all of the products and materials to ensure the quality of construction that you deserve.

"I have enjoyed building homes professionally since 1994.  I have built 6-unit townhomes for first-time homebuyers, move-up homes for people who need more space for their growing family, as well as luxury homes that neared $1M.  Building homes is a rewarding and challenging career that I am lucky and thrilled to call my own." 

Kevin Kleckner, Owner

I have been designing homes since 1996. Home range in size from 1100 square feet to 4000 square feet and larger. Each home that I design, regardless of size, receives the same attention to detail and focus on the customer’s desires. The design process includes all aspects of the home including site plan, exterior details, room layout, lighting plan, cabinet design and of course, budget.  I truly enjoy working hand in hand to create your unique new home." 

Stephanie Kleckner, Owner

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